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Got pics of a scoopin' home-skillet slamma XJ? Send it in for inclusion in the "House-O-Bling".

A mind is a terrible thing to waste...

This one was sent in with the following info:
"... As you can see from the first pic, we had girls in bikinis wrestling in pudding and I was more interested in taking pictures of this 'unique' Cherokee. I'm not sure if those are 18" or 20" rims, not that it matters. Of course he had the sound system loud enough to wake up people in West VA. I think the worst part was, when he turned the ignition on and flipped a switch, he had the fog lights, parking lights, and headlights wired to blink in an alternating rhythm; it made his Cherokee look like a damn disco ball."
(And no... I am not gonna share the pic of the babes in bikinis covered with chocolate pudding in the kiddie pool... )

Yo! Yo! Yo! Wussup home skillit?

This one was caught by Delfindle (on J.U.) while out on a food run.
Dunno the story about the guy behind it... Looks like he has either just discovered the joy of 'hangin wit da homies' or is about to pee in the gas tank.

Yikes! Went to Kroger and struck gold with a double blinger sighting! Busted butt to get home and grab the camera before these two XJ's got away!
"Yo! Yo! Yo! Grandpa is in the house!"

Here I imagine a bag-boy lugging sacks full of Alpo for little old ladies for about 3 years while savin' up enough money to snag some bitchin' wheels for the XJ.

(I can also imagine a giant reptile shooting flame out it's mouth and stomping thru Tokyo...)
30 day tags - 30 year trauma

Shelbyluvv on J.U. caught this one at McDonalds... Only to find Ronald McDonald was no more... They were now home of the "Big MacDaddy".

Ladies and Gentlemen! It's Cool MC Big Mac Pimp Daddy Love Muffin's Groove Machine

Yay! New Blinger rollin' on 20's!

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