Hey, don't waste your time cussing a Hayne's / Chilton's manual!
(They're better than nothing... but not by much... )

If you can find one - be sure to buy a Factory Service Manual (FSM).

The Factory Service Manuals are out of print and most sites that posted 'pirate' copies online no longer have them available making a Factory Service Manual harder to find these days. If you can find a new or used FSM for your Jeep - BUY IT! They are worth their weight in gold!

My set for my 1990XJ is about 3 inches thick and LOADED with diagnostic and repair information that NO Haynes or Chilton's manual can touch!)

Even though the official FSM's are out of print but I offer them both as print and .pdf versions in my Amazon aStore. You can even get a Haynes manual there but a factory service manual is ALWAYS the #1 choice!

Need a genuine Factory Service Manual for your Jeep? I GOT EM! Click here to visit Another Freakin' Jeep Parts Store and pick up yours today!

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