I have found most of the OEM Factory Service Manuals in both print and .pdf form! These out-of-print manuals are a fantastic resource for maintaining & upgrading your vehicle!

The .pdf versions offered through my Amazon aStore are about the same price and much more useful than a Haynes or Chilton's manual!
(Plus buying one helps keep this website going!)

Need a genuine Factory Service Manual for your Jeep? I GOT EM! Click here to visit Another Freakin' Jeep Parts Store and pick up yours today!

Don't waste your time with a Hayne's or Chilton's manual!
(They're better than nothing... but not by much! )

Grand Cherokee  Manuals Available! All years!Genuine OEM XJ Cherokee manuals available! All years!Genuine factory service manuals for transmissions & other vehicle systems!This is a FANTASTIC book for upgrading and modifying your Cherokee! Other Jeep upgrading books available!


EVERY YEAR OF JEEPS plus supplementary service manuals are listed!

Also listed are FULL SIZE Cherokee, Wrangler, Grand Cherokee & Eagle manuals!

If you come across a new or used FSM for your Jeep - BUY IT! They are worth their weight in gold and much better than a Haynes or Chilton's manual.

My two volume set (for my 1990 XJ) is about 3 inches thick and LOADED with diagnostic and repair information that NO Haynes or Chilton's manual can touch!

Used in dealership service departments, these OEM Factory Service Manuals are available both as OEM service department paper and .pdf versions in my Amazon aStore.

(You can even get a Haynes or Chilton's manual to carry in your vehicle for 'emergency use' there but a genuine factory service manual is ALWAYS the #1 choice for servicing your Jeep!)

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Click Here To Download File. Air-Conditioning & Heating
Armor & Body
Click Here To Download File. Electrical
  • Anti-Theft Protection system Downloadable.xls/.doc file on making your own anti-theft mechanism for your Jeep. (Based on a 1997 Wrangler but adaptable to other models.) by Frank D' Alessandro.
Click Here To Download File. Electrical
Click Here To Download File. Stroker & Engine Swaps
  Maintenance & Tune-Up
  Shop Tools & Equipment
Click Here To Open Catalog. Suspension, Steering, Tires, Axles & Brakes
  • Yukon Gear Catalog - 2014 Yukon catalog opens in new window. (Off-site link to online catalog)
Suspension, Steering, Tires, Axles & Brakes .pdf
Click Here To Download File. Trail Tools, Towing & Equipment
  • MileMarker Winch 2013 Catalog - This is a LARGE file... not because it's loaded with TONS of equipment but because the web-numbskulls at MileMarker were getting a boner every time they took a photo. 71MB!
  • Warn Winch Catalog - Another large file but without the hi-res photo-fetish of the MileMarker catalog producers. Under 11MB!
  Driveshafts, Transmission & Transfer Case
  Sick, Quick, CHEAP and Leftover Tips!
These are all off-site links. Off-Site links you'll get a boner over!

XJ parts catalogs No, they're not quite a FSM but it's still great to have parts diagrams... and part numbers... so you can print out a sheet and show the parts drone down at the local Parts-R-Us shop exactly what you need! - (Off-site link.)

Check out BillaVista's FANTASTIC .pdf page on P.O.R.! Off-site link.

Another great resource! Morris 4x4 Center's online database of great Jeep documents & articles! FANTASTIC Off-site link.


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