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Click here to openXJ parts catalogs No, they're not quite a FSM but it's still great to have parts diagrams... and part numbers... so you can print out a sheet and show the parts drone down at the local Parts-R-Us shop exactly what you need! (It doesn't look like they've added anything to this particular page in a while so please let me know if this link dies.) - (Off-site link.)

Check out BillaVista's FANTASTIC .pdf page on P.O.R.! Off-site link to pdf's on dang near ANYTHING!

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I purchased a two-volume factory service manual set that has paid for itself many times over during the years I have owned it.
Forget wasting your money with a Haynes or Chiltons manual... Buy a Factory Service Manual.

Factory Service Manual Information

Things you should have:
  1. Program to read .pdf files like Adobe Reader.
  2. Program to unzip .zip files such as WinZip.
  3. FTP client program like FileZilla - The Ultimate FTP Download Tool. Easy to use and easier to set up!) FileZilla.
  4. BOOKMARK THIS LINK! Internet Wayback Machine! Visit copies of DEAD LINK pages!!! You can use this website to visit copies of websites that are now dead links!!!
  5. BitTorrent

With the above programs you can download files directly from a server, unzip them and then access them if they're in .pdf format.
Google or do a Torrent Search for the files you want below but if you still have specific needs please contact me and I will see if I can help aim you in a general sort of way.

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Bit Torrent has a LOT of neat stuff floating out there... but sometimes you need a PhD to find things.
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