*NOTE: This is NOT the gas pedal cable!

This cable rarely breaks but is more often out of adjustment after someone "fixes" their Jeep's motor... Note: The little cable plunger can, and does, wear out from time to time so the replacement procedure is included here just in case.

AW4 Throttle Cable Removal

First ya need to unhook the cable at both ends... First at the throttle body then ya need to drop the transmission pan and unhook the cable end from the throttle cam inside the transmission.

Transmission Throttle Cable Removal and Replacement Diagram
  1. In engine compartment, disconnect cable from throttle linkage. Then compress cable mounting ears and remove cable from linkage bracket.
  2. Raise vehicle.
  3. Remove transmission oil pan.
  4. Disengage cable from throttle valve cam (See Fig. 27).
  5. Remove cable bracket bolt and remove cable and bracket from case (See Fig. 28).
  6. Remove and discard cable seal.

AW4 Throttle Cable Installation

  1. Lubricate and install new seal on cable.
  2. Insert cable in transmission case.
  3. Attach cable to throttle cam (Fig. 27).
  4. Install cable bracket on case and tighten attaching bolt to 10 N•m (7 ft-lbs) torque (Fig. 28).
  5. Remove old sealer material from oil pan and transmission case. Clean oil pan with solvent and dry it with compressed air.
  6. Apply bead of Three Bond TB 1281 sealer to oil pan sealing surface. Sealer bead should be at least 1.0 mm (.040 in) wide. Then install pan and tighten pan bolts to 7.4 N.m (65 in-lbs) torque.
  7. Install new gasket on oil pan drain plug. Install and tighten plug to 20 N•m (15 ft-lbs) torque.
  8. Connect cable to engine bracket and throttle linkage.
  9. Fill AW4 transmission with DEXRON III only.
  10. Adjust the cable as outlined in the Line Pressure Cable Adjustment procedure.

AW4 Throttle Cable Adjustment

  1. Turn ignition switch to Off position.
  2. Fully retract cable plunger. Press cable button all the way down. Then push cable plunger inward (Fig. 29).
  3. Rotate primary throttle lever to wide open throttle position (Fig. 30).
  4. Hold primary throttle lever in wide open position and let cable plunger extend. Release lever when plunger is fully extended. Cable is now adjusted.
AW4 Jeep Transmission Throttle Cable Adjustment Diagram.

If you have pics of your own repairs or can suggest other methods - please contribute your ideas (and pictures) to this article!

Revised on: Febuary 15th, 2007

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