The Throttle Position Sensor tells the computer what position the throttle is at. The computer in turn opens the airlock door and lets you die in the airless void of outer space... Sorry Dave...

Uh, actually the TPS "...voltage is interpreted by the ECU to determine current engine operating conditions." "... the automatic transmission versions have 2 integral connectors (1 for ECU and 1 for tranny)." The Throttle Position Sensor is attached to the base of the throttle body. Refer to RENIX SENSORS DIAGNOSTICS for TPS service and adjustment.


This cable rarely breaks but is more often out of adjustment after someone "fixes" their Jeep's motor... Note: The cable plunger can, and does, wear out from time to time so the entire cable replacement procedure is outlined here just in case.

Jeep AW4 Transmission Throttle Cable Adjustment Diagram - Plunger Adjustment.
  1. Turn ignition switch to Off position.
  2. Fully retract cable plunger. Press cable button all the way down. Then push cable plunger inward (Fig. 29).
  3. Rotate primary throttle lever to wide open throttle position (Fig. 30).
  4. Hold primary throttle lever in wide open position and let cable plunger extend. Release lever when plunger is fully extended. Cable is now adjusted.
AW4 Jeep Transmission Throttle Cable Adjustment Diagram - Throttle Body Lever..

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Revised on: January 29th, 2007

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