"New Process" Transfer Case Identification Information

This page reflects information on XJ / Jeep Cherokee New Process chain driven transfer cases. This information is intended to assist you in primarily determining what spline count a given transfer case will have WITHOUT seperating the transfer case from the transmission to physically count the splines. This information may also assist you in finding a transfer case with the correct spline count where the spline count of the donor vehicle's transfer case may be unknown or thought to be different than the original case.

Transfer Case Tag
(Many thanks to PhatXJ on JeepsUnlimited’s Cherokee Forum for providing this picture as a reference!)

  • As a general rule - if you have an HO based Jeep vehicle with an open cooling system (radiator cap up front), your spline count is 23.
  • If you have a Renix based Jeep with a closed cooling system (coolant bottle on firewall), your spline count is 21.
  • Keep in mind that there were some 'transition year' XJ's built that had Renix engines during the HO model year. (Just be aware of this and that your friendly neighborhood Jeep engineer may well deserve a sock in the nose if your XJ is one of these...)

Transfer Case Identification Guide from "Gears" magazine article that covers New Process & Borg-Warner transfer cases.

"New Process" Transfer Case Identification Chart

The following chart is compiled entirely from contributed information... any data you can add will help validate this info. Unless otherwise noted all model year information is for XJ model Jeeps.

Transmission Information
Transfer Case Information
Additional Information
Model Year Tranny Ident. Tranny Type Confirmed Transmission Output Shaft Splines Output Shaft Length Transfer Case Type Assembly Number Serial Number Transfer Case Gear Ratio Misc Info From Tags.  NOTE! These are the TYPICAL configurations and like all things Jeep should not be considered 'the last word'.
1999 TJ
AX-5, AX15, NV3550 Manual     THIS IS A SWAP FOR RENIX 4.0L XJ 231J with 21 spline transfer cases ONLY!         THIS SWAP APPLIES TO HO 4-CYLINDER TJ DONORS TO RENIX 4.0L 6-CYLINDER XJ's ONLY!
1999 AW4 Auto     231 5209 9212 1 9 99 16 2.72 C-161117AL C-16118AN C-20365 HO Engine
Open Cooling System
1991 AW4 Auto 23   242J 5300 7856 5 16 91.2 2.72 C 16119 4  HO Engine
Open Cooling System
1989 AW4 Auto 21   242J 5390 6098 1 18 89.1 2.72 C-16119 K1  Renix Engine, Closed Cooling System
1989     21 2 1/8 242J 5300 6097 4 6 89.3 2.72 C-16119 K1  Renix Engine, Closed Cooling System
1990     21   242J 5300 8223 4 26 90.2 2.72    Renix Engine, Closed Cooling System
1989     21     ?? 09104 ??   2.72 C-16122  Renix Engine, Closed Cooling System
1987 AW4 Auto     242 AMC 89530 04269 1 28 87 2 2.72 C-16122 C-16119 2 C-16313  Renix Engine, Closed Cooling System
1999     23   231J 5209 9212 11 26 98 1C 2.72    HO Engine
Open Cooling System
1996 AW4 Auto     231J 5209 8480 2 20 96.1 2.72    HO Engine
Open Cooling System
1996     23   231J 5209 8480 44 96 3 2.72    HO Engine
Open Cooling System
1990 AW4 Auto     231          Renix Engine, Closed Cooling System
1987 AW4 Auto 21   241C
(* See note below.)
NO TAG   2.72 C-161117 C-16118L C-16220
1987     21   231 AMC 89530 04301 4 6 87 1 2.72  
1991 AX-15 Manual 23   231J 5300 8209 10 23 90.1 2.72   Renix Engine, Closed Cooling System
1987 BA-10 Manual 21   231          
1986 AX-5 Manual     207         GM V-6, Open Cooling System 
1984   Manual     207 AM 2 89500 01520 11 15 83 2.61    GM V-6, Open Cooling System
2.8L GM V-6's 904 Automatic 23 spline              

NOTE!: * Transfer cases with a * may be either an example of the factory's "what do we have on the shelf that will fit" mentality... or a transfer case swap (from another vehicle) by some previous owner of these XJ's.

Please note that the additional information does not cover diesel, 4-banger and who knows what other combo's here... it's all generic and only covers the basics of:

  1. HO, Renix or GM engines
  2. Open or closed cooling systems

The engine and cooling system information is to assist those who need a little help identifying what is in their own vehicle. (That seems to come up a lot on the boards.) Once a tranny and transfer case is sitting on the shelf it becomes difficult to figure out for newbie & old-hand alike to determine what the spline count is at a glance.... that's where this chart comes in. If we can build a decent database that gives a means to 'read' the tags at a glance then we can scan the racks in a salvage yard, grab a tranny & transfer case and go without having to check spline counts first.

Thanks to 'Mack' on JU for forwarding me this LINK to a site containing LOTS of data on input shaft lengths, etc in their Transfer Cases ‘Products For Sale’ table. You'll have to dig through their product table a bit but there is a lot of information there if you know what you are looking for.

Front output shaft spline count
Rear output shaft spline count
1984 - 1987 NP207 "Command-Trac" Part-Time 2.61:1    
1984 - 1987 NP228 "Selec-Trac" Full-Time 2.72:1    
1984 – 1987 NP229 "Selec-Trac" Full-Time 2.72:1    
1987 - 2001

Part-Time 2.72:1 26 splines
(Same as D44 & D30 pinion. Also same as both outputs of D300 transfer case.)
1987 – 2001 NP242 "Selec-Trac" Part-Time / Full-Time 2.72:1    

Please contribute your transfer case information!

Please forward transfer case data to:



My Email Address listed at bottom of page.

(Please use the following format if at all possible! Thanks!)

  • YEAR / MODEL = ______________________ (ex: 1996 XJ / Cherokee)
  • TRANSFER CASE = _____________________ (ex: 241 J)
  • ASSEMBLY # = ________________________ (ex: 5209 8480)
  • SERIAL # = __________________________ (ex: 2 20 96 1 )
  • RATIO = _____________________________ (Usually 2.72)
  • TRANSFER CASE SPLINE COUNT = _________ (21 spline, 23 spline, etc...) MUST HAVE THIS!!!
  • TRANSMISSION TYPE = _________ (AW4, etc.)
  • TRANSMISSION SERIAL # = ______________ (Bonus points if ya can read it.)
  • TRANSMISSION OUTPUT SHAFT LENGTH = ___________ (More bonus points for this one!)
  • _____________________________ (Any other markings.)

If you have pics of your own repairs or can suggest other methods - please contribute your ideas (and pictures) to this article!

Revised on: September 23rd, 2007

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