So. Ya think that box of bandaids and a six-pack are all ya need in case of an emergency?... Try opening your six pack (or driving off the trail to get help...) with your hand looking like this.

That cut goes INTO his hand about 1"... and from palm to top! *Eyuch!*

This is an experienced trail runner's hand (Martin) after a trail mishap. Here you can see his hand after it had been cleaned & stitched up. You don't wanna know what it looked like when he injured it on the trail...

(To make a long story short, don't say it can't happen to you... Martin is an experienced 4-wheelin' fool but a moment's slip was all it took to require surgery. While holding a sapling away from a vehicle going through a tight spot, he got his hand caught between the sapling and the vehicle's roof rack mount... when the vehicle shifted forward his hand was -t-o-r-n- / ripped / sliced apart between the fingers about 1" into his hand. It's more painful than it looks folks...that cut goes from the top of his hand all the way through and out his palm. Fortunately there is no permanent damage.)

EVERY VEHICLE on every trail run should have a readily accessible and well stocked First Aid Kit. Do NOT count on 'the other guy' to have one when you need it most. Not just in your trail rig either - you should also have a good kit in EVERY VEHICLE you own -AND- your home & garage/shop!

A first aid kit isn't mean three old band-aids and a busted bottle of Schnapps... you need a good kit with proper supplies to handle snake bite, deep cuts (see picture above again...) and burns in the very least! Having an old Boy Scout manual with the first aid section marked is a good idea as well but remember ya WON'T HAVE TIME TO READ up on how to help someone during an emergency!

Here is a FANTASTIC source for reasonably priced, ultra-high quality EMT & Military quality first aid kits! : IMS-PLUS

Take a First Aid and Safety course! These are often offered by your local Red Cross or other volunteer organization.
Do it. You could save a life.

If you have pics of your own repairs or can suggest other methods - please contribute your ideas (and pictures) to this article!

Revised on: February 26th, 2007

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