This is NOT a cure for front shocks that are too short but if you need to make your stock shocks last for a few weeks of 'street' driving then these might be the ticket. Grab yerself $5.00 plus some change for tax and tool on down to your local auto parts store & pick up a set of these for your front shocks:

Motormite / Suspension Solutions (These are made by the same people who make all that 'Help' stuff ya see at the autoparts stores...)
# 81430 Shock Stud Extenders (Set of 2)
$4.99 + tax at AutoZone

Picture doesn't show it real well but these have a hex / coupler nut lower end that threads onto the studs of your existing shocks and the upper area is threaded to take the place of your current shock's threads. These will extend the upper stud on your front shocks by about 2" & can ONLY be used if you have 2" of lift! They will trash a stock shock on a stock rig quick by bottoming it out! These will give you a couple inches back lost from the lift but are not a magic wand that will prevent you from needing shocks to match the lift... but if yer broke they'll get ya by until you can scratch up some coin for shocks! May or may not limit your travel depending on your lift combo.

You can see the installed stud extension in the pic below. Installation is simple - just remove the upper stud nuts, compress shock down into tire well, clamp shock stud near body with a vice-grip pliars to hold it from turning (don't clamp on the threads!!!), twist on extension with wrench until snugged down & put the extended shock stud back into the hole and return the bushings & nuts back into place.

Reminder: These will work fine with a 2" budget lift, in fact they can NOT be used UNLESS you have at least 2" of lift! Use these without any lift & your shocks WILL die a quick death.

These worked fine for a 4" lift with the stock length beater shocks until we installed some Rough Country 5" lift shocks we scored on eBay. When you replace your shocks, pull the extensions from the old shocks & pass them on to someone else doing a budget boost.

If you have pics of your own repairs or can suggest other methods - please contribute your ideas (and pictures) to this article!

Revised on: November 19, 2006

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