Every so often the subject of running without any front swaybars comes up on the Jeep forums & there's always someone who insists that THEY will NEVER have ANY problem driving their XJ on the street without a front swaybar. A lot of this is brought on by other vehicles without front swaybars, usually leaf sprung or pre-80's or the Up-Country XJ's that came stock without a REAR swaybar. (And yes, you can remove your rear swaybar with minimal affect to handling.)

For some, not running a front swaybar is from wanting uber-flex but not wanting to spend $90 for some disconnects. (This after blowing $1,200 for wheels and another $2,000 for a freakin' stereo - go figure.) For others it just seems like they've fallen off the short bus one too many times and just 'know' that "nothing bad is gonna happen" to them. After all, they've "been running without front swaybars for years without any problem". (Killing yourself is bad enough... but being this stupid can get someone else killed too when your sh*twagon goes sailing into someone's minivan.)

Dude, there have been a ton of excuses for going without front swaybars on an XJ Cherokee but none of them means jack when you're rolling end over end down the median strip after someone even stupider than you backs out of their driveway or a deer decides to suicide on your hood.

Every time the subject comes up, it's like beating a dead horse trying to get the point across about but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Enter Corey and his story. Corey posted a thread on JeepsUnlimited some time back and put up some photos of just what can happen, and DID happen to him and his XJ without front swaybars. If you read the thread in the link below, you'll see that he too thought that it was 'no problem' to drive on the street without front swaybars and nothing was gonna happen. Well, something DID happen and Corey was man enough to step up and make a point of telling his story to warn them not to do the same thing he did. Corey's pics made his point better than anything being said by either side. Corey spoke from EXPERIENCE from BOTH SIDES of the argument.
LISTEN TO COREY & don't be a fool! :

Run Front Sway Bars On The Street!
Disco's are cheap compared to funeral expenses.

Most of these photos were originally included in Corey's thread on JeepsUnlimited (link at bottom of pics) but the old photo host evidently went belly-up or the account expired. Corey was kind enough to forward me these pics & I urge you to read the thread on J.U. while keeping these photos in mind should you EVER consider running an XJ / MJ without a front swaybar. (Or any other vehicle, for that matter...)

From Corey's email: "Here's a couple that should get your point across. There was a person occupying each corner of the Jeep (including me, driver). Front passenger was very lucky not to get his head smashed in, glad the XJ was built strong. - Corey"

The original thread can be found at: http://www.jeepsunlimited.com/forums/showthread.php?t=661152&highlight=swaybar.
Although the original batch of photos are gone from that thread it is well worth the time to read. Many thanks to Corey, aka 'Cheiserm', for sending in these pics and for stepping up to let all of us know not to repeat this mistake!

Thanks Corey - Saving those pics might just have saved someone's life.

If you have pics of your own repairs or can suggest other methods - please contribute your ideas (and pictures) to this article!

Revised on: November 25th, 2007

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