Rear Vent Tube Extension

This is a cheap & easy mod to help vent off moisture from your axle tubes while preventing them from siphoning water into the differential during water crossings.

Materials are the same for either front or back differentials and are attached to the stock diff vent fixture with a small hose clamp. Pictures are pretty much self-explanatory with some comments embedded in the pics when ya mouseover them.



(Besides... yer outta marshmallows anyhow! )
Fuel filter selected for size and internal config that prevents siphoning any moisture back into hose

Purolator Fuel Filter F20011 (w/ clamps and stubby hoses included.)
About 6 feet of fuel hose (Use more or cut some off... depends on yer lift!)

This filter has an internal design that won't easily siphon moisture back into the hose unless it's plumb full o' water! (If you get enough water in your rig to fill it with water after yer done... venting your diff will be the LAST thing on your mind!)
Stock hose routing from tube to frame rail.

Stock hose routing from tube to frame rail.
New hose routing with BIG LOOP for lift droop.

New hose routing with BIG LOOP for lift droop.
New hose routing with BIG loop for lift droop.
BIG lift 'droop-loop' configuration.
Zip tie shown in upper left corner will be replaced with a long 'screen door spring' from hardware store to allow vent hose to droop even more.
NOTE!: If you don't have a BIG lift, you can make the loop substantially smaller and not worry with a spring or zip ties to keep it outta the way.
Routed hose behind front tank hanger bolts, then beside skid & up into gas filler area.

Feed hose through & up to gas tank filler door. Pull excess out but don't cut off the hose until AFTER you're absolutely sure yer done!
Hose loop and plenty of slack! Chop it off & put filter on!
"Droop Loop" in place, hose routed, a little slack (shown here) and it's time to slip the filter on! Use a clamp included with filter to keep it in place.
A zip tie was used only to keep it from rattling around.
Zing! Yer done.

Front Diff Tube Extension

Procedure is pretty much the same up front. Just route along control arm and route it up the firewall to area around brake booster. Make sure it's held LOOSELY in place to keep it off the exhaust or from abrading against things and getting cut.

If you have pics of your own repairs or can suggest other methods - please contribute your ideas (and pictures) to this article!

Revised on: November 14, 2006

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