A collection of parts that were tossed out when constructing my 4.7L stroker motor.

Just a collection of pics & brief comments on parts removed from build-up & why. Ranges from parts ya don't need to parts only good for making boat anchors out of.

The following parts were discarded:
  • 4.0L crankshaft - TRASHED! - Don't need for stroker & was beyond reuse elsewhere
  • 4.0L rods - One was trashed beyond use but 4.0L rods are too long for a stroker unless using custom pistons.
  • 4.0L pistons - Could be reused for some stroker combos providing NO cylinder machine work was needed / wanted (same bore size w/ crank & rod swap only).
  • 4.0L camshaft - Could be reused for some other stroker combos but would be a limiting factor. Tossed into the scrapheap with the crank.
  • Stock Oil Pump - Just common sense here - motor had oil problems & NO WAY I'm gonna risk a new motor on a used pump in any case!
This is what happens when ya change the rear main & don't retorque the main caps.
This is a rod journal from my stroker motor's old 4.0L crank. Previous owner had changed rear main seal & I believe the main caps didn't get torqued back down correctly allowing the rear main bearing to spin blocking oil pressure into the crank.

Worst of the worst - this rod bearing is from same journal pictured. Has a razor sharp edge from being hammered out & is grooved to match the journal.

Cam bearings from the donor block were 'ok' adding weight to theory that crank only was starved for oil.

Backside of the same bearing showing the hammered out area a little better. You can see score marks on this side too where it began spinning inside the rod.

Gee... I had this left over. Does it do anything important??? Wait... I have 5 more just like it.

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Revised on: November 01, 2006

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