Thanks to a lack of dash space on our XJ's there are not a wide variety of mounting locations in the dash. Rather than learn from 'trial and error', I thought it would be a good idea to share some XJ cb radio mounting photos to help you decide what will work best for you BEFORE you go hacking and drilling holes in your interior.

Don't sacrifice your 'crotch air' a.c. vent to put a c.b. here...
Don't put it here...

This was my first shot at doing this and it wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had. Sure, the radio looks good there but it was dang near impossible to see while driving! Not only that but you'd better have all the buttons memorized or plan on crashing trying to figure out what channel you're on! Another little gem I discovered is that my right knee would hit the microphone cord connector every so often. That got old real fast so rather than demolishing either my knee or the mic cable, I pulled it out and replaced the lower dash panel then relocated the c.b. to the passenger side near the console.
Note that I could NOT fit a radio in-dash like this on the passenger side due to lack of space.

Heckuva lot easier to see here. Plenty of room but ya can mount to console for extra passenger legroom.

As ya can see, moved over here does limit the passenger side a bit but with the microphone up & outta the way there's plenty of room for passenger knees. This is a 'full / standard' size cb radio so if you have one of the 'mini' units you'll have more room if mounting this way.

No interference with my legs at all!

I located my 200watt linear next to the console above the gas pedal. Totally outta the way there although it looks a bit clunky hangin' there. (The whole Jeep looks clunky...) I've seen smaller 'mini' sized c.b. radios located here with no problems as well.

Photo contributed by 'Dookie' on J.U.
Photo contributed by 'Dookie' on J.U.

This photo shows a 'mini' cb mounted up top on the dash. Easy to see the readout & small size doesn't overwhelm the dash or obscure the view. (Mounted like this it shouldn't block vision anymore than our VA state inspection stickers & county tax decals.)

Photo contributed by "Big Mike 27" on J.U.
Photo contributed by "Big Mike 27" on J.U.

This photo of a passenger side set-up uses a 'mini c.b.' mounted to the face of the glovebox.

2000 Jeep Cherokee Passenger Mount CB Location Shown.
Photo contributed by "2000CHEROKEEXJ" on J.U.

Uniden mini-cb mounted below glovebox.

Photo contributed by EmerJeep1447 (Bob) on J.U.

This photo shows both a cb and 2 meter ham radio mounted on the passenger side. The console mount offers convenience and ease of access for controls.

Photo contributed by vmo23 on J.U.

This photo shows a mini-cb mounted to the console. It's out of the way and controls are easy to access. Hand mic mounted next to steering column.
(As with all off-road decals; Rusty's sticker doubles performance of radio and lets you to talk with space critters. )

Photo contributed by "petermontie" on J.U.

Uniden mini-cb mounted on a 'Shelf-It' overhead console. (Full-size radios are too big to mount readily onto these shelfs.)

Photo contributed by "Ray H" on J.U.

Cobra mini-cb mounted between the sunvisors to a piece of metal retained by the sunvisor clips. (Sunvisor clips are held by sheet metal screws and easy to remove & replace.)
Cobra 75WXST with all controls on hand mic. CB transceiver is remote mounted in dash. Photo courtesy of Jason at JEEPIN.COM .
Photo courtesy of Jason West

Cobra 75WXST (remote transceiver with all controls on hand mic). For more information on this installation please click on the logo above!

Please check the Electrical Section of both On-Site & Off-Site Tech Indexes for installation, hook up & operation of the antenna, c.b. and linear. One interior consideration when installing a linear with your c.b is that linears need to be located 3' feet from the c.b. - as measured by the length of coax between them. This has to do with the amount of reflected power going back to the c.b. from the linear and can fry your c.b. and/or linear if not done properly!

Check out Stu's excellent page on mobile radio installation tips.

If you have pics of your own repairs or can suggest other methods - please contribute your ideas (and pictures) to this article!

Revised on: November 07, 2006

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