Shown here is the 'MegaFuse' holder for the BUSS™ fuse that replaced the fusible link to the alternator. It is mounted to the back of the diagnostic plug posts & relay center.
BUSS™ fuses are now available from Advance Auto but can also be ordered from West Marine & other boat supply houses.

Close up view of the fuse & holder. I used this along with #4/0 guage wire to replace the wimpy stock alternator wire & fusable link.
Be carefull when drilling mounting holes - I removed the relays from other side for safety.

Close up of the BUSS™ / AMG 175Amp fuse. Hard-core current protection for under $3.00 at your local Advance Auto ($9.00 at West Marine!!!).

Remember that you will NOT gonna find them in a buddy's toolbox on the trail at 3AM or at the Podunk 7-11 store so buy yourself some spares and keep them with ya!

(I have yet to blow one of these but guess what would happen if I did not have one with me...)


Use at your own risk!

You can use these when your alternator output rating and current load demands the extra protection or when you have upgraded your charging system wiring eliminating the fusible link. In my case, I have a 180 AMP alternator and have upgraded all charging system wiring. I do not want to ever exceed that capacity so the 175AMP fuse is approaching the alternator's limit without going over.

You should be worried about what kind of continuous loads you'll be putting on your equipment more than anything. Non-stop, hi-current draws on the charging system are what can kill the alternator and what this is designed to protect. If you get too small a fuse - it will blow too easily under load. Too large of a current rating and it will not give you proper protection for that expensive new alternator!

A basic rule of thumb: Get the closest current rating fuse BELOW the current rating of your alternator.

105AMP alternator - 100 AMP fuse
165 AMP alternator - 150 AMP fuse.

If you have pics of your own repairs or can suggest other methods - please contribute your ideas (and pictures) to this article!

Revised on: October 10, 2006

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