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Name: Phil, aka 'Maximus'
Location: Ontario, Canada
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"This is how you fix your power window regulator assembly when it fails. Mine was a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport (XJ) model but I'm sure its not far off other models."

(I have a 98 but I'm sure most models are relatively the same.)

You push the power window button. You hear the motor running but nothing happens. Usually the window drops an inch or so... What happened?

Evidently this is a common issue and although I have heard of many of these cases, Chrysler says there is no general recall.

If you can hear the motor work but the window doesn't move it is very likely that the "worm screw" has detached from a bracket that attaches to the bottom of the window.

I'm not a mechanic by any stretch but here's what I did... stick with me. It's really not that hard espacially once you do it once -- now I cant wait for the other ones to break so I can fix them too!

Here's what to do:

Carefully pull off the inside door skin. There are plastic body clips holding it on around the perimeter, three large Phillips head screws and one small one near the front.

Then there are two control arms that attach to your interior door opener handle - one for opening, one for the lock. Remove plastic clips that hold them in place then pop out the control arms.

You also have to unplug your power switch from the armrest.

Now remove the inner door panel.

Ok, so you have the panel off right? If you don't, I'll wait here for a minute while you do that....

Ok your back? Now you need to tear away the white vapor barrier - its stuck on with black stuff - peel it back and make sure you don't get it on your clothes.
Now you should see the inspection ports-with the window half way down you should see the bottom of the window.

Now you need to tape the window up, otherwise it will fall down. I used 2 inch wide scotch tape - don't use duct tape 'cause the glue is hard to come off afterwards. Tape the glass to the vertical post at the back and tape along the bottom horizontal edge.

Ok - Now ya see the bracket at the bottom of the window? Take that off.

Now remove these screws & remove the vertical trac...

Also unscrew the power motor.

All you need to do is get the track out of the inspection port so that you can access the worm screw. You Do Not have to unwire the power motor!

Now (drumroll) Here's the ingenious part that saves you hundreds and make you a big hit with all your friends!

I took that bracket and using a chisel, I chiseled off the white plastic piece from the steel plate. (This plastic is why your window regulator busted in the first place.)

After getting the plastic & rivets off; I then drilled two holes in the steel part where those plastic teeth would have been

Make sure it lines up where it used to be on the track! - Mark where the holes are to go in relation with the track.

Now you need a couple of cotter pins - yep that's right cotter pins.

Bend open the bottom of the track so you can get access to the worm screw and power (use the power switch) the worm screw out of the track a bit.

The cotter pins wrap around the grooves in the worm screw at the end. Make sure they are tight right into the grooves cause when the screw going back into the track, you don't want there to be any unnecessary friction. I used two. One didn't seem like enough but three might have caused too much friction in the track so two was "thy number of thy counting" in this case.

Now power (using your power switch) the screw back into the track. (Actually I first sprayed the track, the hose where the screws comes from and everything with WD40.)

Now put the bracket back onto the cotter pins which should now be sticking out from the track. Bend them over and cut off the excess.

Now put everything back the way you took it apart and BOB'S YOUR UNCLE!! (I haven't got a clue where that saying came from )

Savings: Between $150-300 for the entire regulator assembly (Canadian $) and about $200 for labor! PLUS TAXES!!

Now, with the money you saved, you can afford to buy some performance parts for your Jeep.

PS -- its not just about the money that was saved. For me, it was more about conservation and Repairing not Replacing everything. Today, no one wants to repair things anymore, just throw them out and replace them. This goes for VCRs, Microwaves, Televisions, Computers even cars! We are living in a disposable society. There was nothing wrong with my power window motor, or the track, or the window itself but noone was willing to sell me just the bracket. I asked dealers, mechanics aftermarket shops, not even the wreckers! So, what would have happend to my perfectly good motor, track etc?... Garbage!

If you have pics of your own repairs or can suggest other methods - please contribute your ideas (and pictures) to this article!

Revised on: November 25th, 2007

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