Good grief! Ya think I'd update THIS page, doncha?

Had to set the Heep aside for a while - too many irons in the fire but finally got the spring perches welded up, plates in for roll cage, floorboard where big ol' empty spot used to be... Look for the spring perch write up this month.

How high? 10 freakin' inches! Waaaaaaaaay too high for serious off-roading but it makes my 10 year old son happy so it'll stay that way for a while then I'll drop it down to a usable 6" or so.

Used B.O.R.'s Big 8 springs with a 1 1/2" shackle in back plus Skyjacker 8" coils & A.C.O.S. up front for right at 10+ inches of chassis lift before the 35's went on. Got another 1" or so from rewelding the spring perches from their collapsed positions. (CHECK YER SPRING PERCHES, folks!)

Digging around now for a decent over the knuckle steering setup.

1990 XJ with 4.0L, automatic transmission & 231 transfer case.

What's on it now:

  • 35x14.5x15's Thornbirds
  • 15 x 10 Eagle 028 alloys
  • Off Road General Store ACOS.
  • Skyjacker 8" front coils (Thanks Cecil & Clayton!).
  • Rubicon Express rear 1 1/2" shackles, swaybar drop & HD trackbar.
  • RE ? front bar pin eliminators.
  • Big Off Road 8" rear leaf packs (these suckers are HUGE!).
  • 4.88's & Detroit EZ Lockers both ends.
  • Dana 44 w/ Diff guard
  • GDI 3-row open system radiator
  • MOPAR hi-altitude CPS
  • FoMoCo 19# injectors
  • Mopar Performance Computer
  • Accel 8mm wires
  • Bosch Platinum plugs
  • Rusty's Air Tube with K&N 9" filter
  • Dynomax 2 1/2" exhaust
  • NAPA Orbital/Optima dry cell battery
  • 180 amp alternator with 1/0 ga battery cables & 4/0 ga alternator hotwire
  • Rusty's transfer skid
  • Rusty's transmission & motor mounts
  • Club built rock rails
  • 1/4" treadplate gas tank skid
  • Extended Garvin Wilderness rack
  • Sway bar bracket rear bar pin eliminators
  • Rubicon Express std. adjustable track bar
  • 4x6 air tank rear bumper
  • C4x4 front winch bumper (custom bent)
  • Pioneer cd head, Xplod 6 1/2's & the trusty 8" amp'ed Bazooka tube
  • Cobra tweaked c.b. w/ 200 watt linear & 'FireStik' antenna
  • Really cool stickers that make me go faster
My Rig - No Lift

As I bought it with 30 x 9.5's. Roof rack was about the first thing I added.
My Rig - Potts_mtn_1

Then came the AR767's, front coil spacers & add a leafs.

Afterward, I went behind a local strip mall that had a pile of tires on their back lot & I offered to 'Help clean them up for free'... (Broke? - This is a great way to get FREE GOOD used tires!)
I stacked up the bad tires & I carted the dozen or so GOOD tires I got there and traded those in at a used tire store for two decent 31x10.50x15's...
Cha-ching! Two FREE 31 x 10.50 x 15's!
Drove across town scouting junk yards and tire stores and found two good more BFG's (same size) for $60 from another used tire store.
Then a friend GAVE me two dang near new all terrain tires! Full set & two spares.

4-2006: Finally got the Thornbirds on... 35x14.5x15's..
Trading some off-road ability for longevity with the daily commute. Scored these with less than 100 miles on 'em for $400! (Probably because they'll rattle yer teeth out at any speed over park.)

Eagle Alloy 028's gave me 3-11/16" backspacing & set me back just $20 more each than the steel wheels I'd been looking at w/ 4" backspacing.

What's in the garage waiting to go on it:

  • 4.7L stroker.
  • Dana 300 with Down East Offroad flip kit & twin sticks.
  • JKS disco's & drop pitman arm.
  • M.O.R.E. steering box brace
  • C-ROK frame brace

What I still gotta get/make:

  • 1991 - 1996 23 spline AW-4 w/ matching shift/control linkage.
  • Rear shock hoop
  • Shocks
  • Driveshafts
  • Winch
  • OTK steering
  • Rear Ox-locker. The rear EzLocker set-up just plain sucks.

Stroker Summary (Details posted on Stroker Tech page.):

  • 4.7L stroker built using 1990 4.0L block w/ unknown year 258 crank & rods.
  • '91-'95 HO Head casting #7120 (Larger valves)
  • 1999 'rounded port runner' intake manifold P/N 4854197AA (1999-2002)
  • bored throttle body, Renix fuel rail, HO linkages & cables

If you have pics of your own repairs or can suggest other methods - please contribute your ideas (and pictures) to this article!

Revised on: November 22, 2007

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