There are a lot of of XJ Jeep Cherokee related pages out there and more than one of them have literally saved my butt when I got stuck doing mods & repairs. This site originated to build on some of those sites by providing additional info on some of their projects that I undertook and then grew as I began adding original Jeep Tech items of my own. Most of the articles here are focused on the beginner and intermediate off-roader but there are a few articles and links tossed in to keep rock eatin', body krunchin' mud-slingers happy too! Many pages contain links that go directly to other sites with related tech material so you may have to search their index to find the related topic if they've moved the page's url. Please take a moment to visit the rest of their site.

LEGAL GARBAGE! - Except for guest articles, most of the On-Site Tech was done to my 1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ 2-door Sport or to my son's 1984 4-door XJ. Links to external sites have no relation to this site or it's author and are provided solely for informational purposes only. All information is intended for OFF ROAD APPLICATION ONLY! ANY application of this information to your Cherokee is to be determined by YOU! In other words, get a Jeep Cherokee Factory Service Manual for YOUR year Cherokee and don't take my word for it as to whether or not my mods will work on your XJ! Also, please note that links to other XJ related sites and parts vendors contain info that should be credited entirely to them! A lot of people have busted their butts to provide you with the info, THANK THEM for it. On the other hand, don't whine if you order a widget that I used and it doesn't fit your Cherokee! Not everything bolts on, dude! Check with the vendors for fit & product specific installation tips! A lot of stuff interchanges... a lot more DOESN'T!

Secondly, DON'T ACT LIKE A DANG FOOL! Read and follow instructions! Understand and follow proper safety procedures when using tools and/or working on ANYTHING! If you screw up and get your sorry ass killed/maimed/bloodied/etc by doing something stupid (like using old cinderblocks instead of proper jackstands on a solid surface...) don't come crying to me (assuming you even live).

Finally, I am not responsible for those of you with low I.Q.'s... and as far as ya know, I'm also not responsible for that strange swelling your little sister experienced nine months before you became an uncle.

Jeep is a registered Trademark of Daimler-Chrysler, Inc.
(A pox on their tiny skulls filled with bird mush for dropping the Cherokee!).
This site is in NO way connected with Jeep, Daimler-Chrysler, AMC, Studebaker, Stanley Steamer, Cheese-Whiz or any brand of grape flavored contraceptive foam.

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